Battery System

Future mobility must become more sustainable and provide a contribution to climate protection.

Battery pack designs for Electric Vehicles (EVs) are complex and vary widely by manufacturer and specific application. However, they all incorporate a combination of several mechanical and electrical component systems which perform the basic required functions of the pack.

Everwin Mobility Co., Ltd design and manufactures it’s own battery systems which uses new variations on lithium-ion chemistry that optimize specific energy and specific power to provide fire resistance, environmental friendliness, rapid charging (as quickly as a few minutes), and longer lifespans.

Our Battery Management System combines the surveillance of all critical values with operational strategies to create a performance projection. This enables safe operation and optimized utilization of the cell’s capabilities.


We are focusing on the new energy vehicle industry, integrating multi-functions including research, development, experiment and service.

Our goal is to build a complete industrial chain in an industrial park. We will also provide high-tech experience zone for our customer interaction. We have developed Cao Feidian base and Laishui base. Cao Feidian Base is a joint-venture R&D and production center with SAIC, producing SK6100, SK6800, and SK6652 Series. Laishui Base is a R&D and production center producing pure electric SUV, NPV, buses and auto parts, which is expecting to gain a revenue of 0.71 billion USD every year (excluding auto-parts sales).