About Us

At Everwin Mobility, we’re forging a new kind of mobility company by combining the DNA of advanced automotive engineering and design with that of state of the art smart technologies and connectivity to revolutionize the future of premium electric vehicles. From our corporate headquarters in Toronto, Ontario we’re bringing the best and brightest together with a common goal of creating the next generation of smart, clean, connected vehicles for you.

Our Vision

To deliver “smart”, affordable, high quality electric vehicles that lead our customers to more connected, productive and sustainable lives.

Our Mission

Everwin Mobility will forever strive to create cleaner, safer, more comfortable and convenient way of life.

We will achieve this through

A relentless focus on integration

Developing connected and autonomous synergies with high performing, computing and programing capabilities in out vehicles

Our emphasis on innovation

Establishing and collaborating with key partners to accelerate and innovate “smart” systems research, development and production.